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Aaron Rodgers: Still Standing in the Shadow

October 6, 2009

Aaron Rodgers could’ve done it, but he didn’t. He had the opportunity on Monday night to solidify his name in the eyes of the nation as Green Bay’s quarterback instead of the guy who followed up Brett Favre, but he didn’t. He didn’t have a horrible night but her certainly could’ve played better. Along with his near 400 yard, 2 TD night came 2 turnovers, a fumble and an interception, that led to 14 Green Bay points, and a sack in the end zone for a safety. Conversely, Favre had a near perfect night, leading his new team on drive after drive, finishing off the night with a 23-30 victory over his former team.

Favre is larger than life, a living legend and Rodgers is faced with an uphill battle. Even a quick look at how those who replace Hall of Fame quarterbacks perform is enough to convince darn near anyone of the enormity of what Rodgers is up against. In the grand scheme, Rodgers is quietly doing what he needs to do in order to make Green Bay a successful franchise and, he’s doing a very good job at it. He’s a top 10 QB in one of the greatest football towns in the US, and that ain’t bad. But much like the younger brother of the high school football star who’s voted “Most Likely to Succeed”, he’ll always struggle to remove himself from the shadow of Brett Favre.

He could have done it on Monday night, but he didn’t.