Round 1: Smith vs Merriman

Chargers GM A.J. Smith has never been known as one who keeps his opinions to himself and, once again, he’s opened his mouth, stirring up controversy in San Diego. In yesterday’s San Diego Union-Tribune, Smith said of the Chargers recent loss to the World Champion Steelers, “Absolutely embarrassing,” and “I’ve seen us be tough and physical to soft and bewildered.” Oddly enough, Shawne Merriman has taken offense. To AP, Merriman said The only opinions that matter to me are the ones in this locker room,” and “That’s an opinion of a person, and it’s not needed,”.

Ok, how many things are wrong with this exchange? Firstly, take this out of football and put it in any other industry, say, high-tech. Imagine a CEO calling his company’s performance “embarrassing”. Then, imagine a salesguy for the company saying that the opinion isn’t needed, and that he doesn’t care about the opinion…of his boss? While it’s true that the NFL at times is more like the WWF than Corporate America when it comes to its reason for existence, there are still very basic rules of employee and management conduct that should exist in any organization and neither Smith or Merriman seem to have a grasp on that.

Secondly, the Charger D has indeed gotten kind of soft. So far this year, San Diego’s formerly top 10 defense is near the bottom of the league in both points allowed and yardage. Add to that the fact that only one of the teams that the Chargers have played, the Ravens, is better than the bottom 20 in offensive scoring and it makes up for a rather disappointing start for the Charger D. And Merriman? So far, he’s managed a total of 3 solo tackles, 5 assists and 0 sacks. Although few expected him to be the Lights Out of old this year, Charger fans were hoping for better.

As they take their bye week, the Chargers are .500, already two games behind the 4-0 Broncos. During that time, Smith needs to realize that his job is to fix things, not make them worse, and Merriman needs to stop tweeting and let his on the field play do his talking. Distractions such as this have never helped anyone put games in the win column.


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One Response to “Round 1: Smith vs Merriman”

  1. TitforTat Says:

    In my experience most tough guys dont talk. They just go beat the shit out of the other team. Maybe Merriman is no longer able, so he talks shit instead of dishing it out.

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