Welcome to the NFL Mr. Crabtree!

The holdout’s over, Micheal Crabtree finally signed with the Niners….just about the time when he figured out that the NFC East leading Niners were doing just fine without him. In his press conference, he said that he “can’t wait to get in this locker room with his team mates,…” and “I’m doing the best job I can do. Anything the coach asks me to to….I’m doin’ it all.”. Too bad that Crabtree’s definition of “anything” doesn’t include getting on the field at a reasonable date  so that you could actually play a useful role for 16(+?) games this season.

“Mike, you dropped to #10 in the draft, possibly due in part to the feeling that you’re a prima donna, and you’ve done nothing to change people’s minds about what kind of person you are. Perhaps you can answer this for me: why in the heck would you hold out for a Larry Fitzgerald type payday when you’ve never even stepped onto the field as a professional? And, the Big 12 has been said to be the college football equivalent to Arena Ball: how do you expect your transition to go? Seriously, how many great receivers have come out of the Big 12 in recent years anyway: Mark Clayton, Brandon Jones, Roy Williams? Hardly a list of the NFL’s elite. So by all means, get your butt onto the practice field and show us what you can do. If the fans don’t give you a warm welcome or if your team mates are a bit more intentional with your hazing, don’t wonder why. Just don’t expect Singletary, the Mike who matters in San Francisco, to take it easy on you. He didn’t ease up on receivers when he was playing, don’t expect him to start now.”.


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